The Avant-Garde Entrepreneur Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Your Avant-Garde Tribe
Episode 2: My Story
Episode 3: Living Your Values in Business & Life
Episode 4: Overcoming Overwhelm
Episode 5: Strategies for Spinning Plates as a Social Entrepreneur
Episode 6: Making Mistakes & Missing God
Episode 7: The Five Types of Coaches
Episode 8: Why Coaches Are Valuable
Episode 9: Where to Find A Coach
Episode 10: The Social Entrepreneur Providing Access to Sports & Healthcare with Douglas Smith
Episode 11: Taking the Good with the Bad While Building a Social Enterprise with Kayla Koontz
Episode 12: My 5 Favorite Free Tools
Episode 13: Rest: Every Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon
Episode 14: 3 Types of People In A Social Enterprise
Episode 15: 4 Ways To Stay Motivated
Episode 16: Social Entrepreneurship Knows No Age with Stephen Ben
Episode 17: Creating Change For Marginalized Communities in Nepal with Bipana Dhakal
Episode 18: Overcoming Perfection Paralysis In Entrepreneurship with Nobantu Modise
Episode 19: Redefining Customer Loyalty & Approaching Entrepreneurship with Creativity with Matt Barnett of Bonjoro
Episode 20: What Getting this Off the Ground Looked Like
Episode 21: Goal Setting
Episode 22: Four Universal Truths About Stepping Away from Your Social Enterprise
Episode 24: Crush The Barriers To Business Success