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by Trisha Bailey, Ph.D. 


"So inspiring!
Trisha makes me want to do more and find more ways to serve people. I love her philosophy that it doesn’t have to be hard to be right. With her encouragement, I now am going to be taking brain breaks! Thanks Trisha! Can’t wait to hear more!"


"So good! 
Quality information and relatable stories put together in a thought provoking way. Practicing E+R=O on a regular basis now."

"It doesn’t have to be hard!
I love that saying …doesn’t have to be hard. Go the path of least resistance. I am super intrigued to learn more about what social entrepreneur is and hearing from your guests to learn. In figuring out what direction to go next in my own career/business. Thank you"

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Is your business your mission and your mission your business? If yes, you’ve found your tribe! Join me weekly for stories, tips, and tricks for taking avant-garde, inspired action in your business so that you feel encouraged, equipped, empowered, and... unstoppable. 
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How do you set your goals?

Today, I'm excited to share my approach to goal setting as an Avant-garde Entrepreneur. In this second part of the two-part series on goal setting and reflection, I take you through the highlights of how I set my goals, tips and advice you should consider when selecting your goals, and the things about goal-setting I wish I'd known sooner. 

Goal-setting is an art, and as such, it requires multiple reps and many failed attempts to master, especially when your goals as a change-maker, social entrepreneur, or climate activist go way beyond the scope of what a single human can fix. After many years and countless experiments, I've noticed three possible goal-setting scenarios. After facing each of them through different periods of my life, I've created a practical and quite effective way to solve the challenges they bring to the table. 

Tune in and listen to the twenty-first episode of Avant-garde Entrepreneur. You'll hear about the three goal-setting scenarios and how to deal with them, what I focus on when I set my goals, and what exactly involves any planning process. You'll learn practical tips to help you with goal-setting, the lessons I learned about changing and modifying plans, building a healthy relationship with the outcome, and much more. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why you need an effective goal-setting process as a change-maker (2:38)
  • About the three goal-setting scenarios (4:21)
  • How I set my goals (5:57)
  • What planning means to me (7:43)
  • Tips and advice for a smooth goal-setting process (13:20)
  • What I wish I'd known sooner about goal-setting (16:15)


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