Living Your Values in Business & Life

What are your values? Take time to uncover the foundational values that are consistent in the moments you feel most aligned and apply those to your business. Your happiness - and wallet - will thank you.

Today, I am telling more of my background and how it has gotten me to my business mindset today. While the last episode was focused on my life story,  I knew it was important to dedicate an episode explaining how I got to the place where I currently am in my professional and personal life.

What would you do if you loathed working in the business that you created? I was there, and while I knew that I was responsible for how I was feeling, I didn’t know how to gain back control of the business that I had invested time and energy building. Then it hit me: my business was not built on my values.

Tune in and listen to the third episode of Avant-garde Entrepreneur. You will learn why I loathed the business that I built, the aha moment that changed my entrepreneurial journey, the mindset shifts that have completely changed my life and my income, and much more about my business journey.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About the business I grew (4:35)
  • The moment that my entrepreneurial journey changed (13:18)
  • The power of building a business on your values (18:06)
  • Why I ripped apart a winning lottery ticket (20:08)
  • The steps you can take to operate at your natural giftings  (23:32) 

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