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A Place for Everybody

No matter where you are in life, you can help create global goodness! 

Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs must balance multiple stakeholders' needs, including financial partners, customers, and local governments, while serving their beneficiaries who need them most.  They are often drowning in the immense need that surrounds them.  For social entrepreneurs, progress happens in micro-miracles, barely perceptible, but they do happen!  We help you rise above so that you can see them.

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Givers, Go-ers &
Global Policymakers

We advocate for social enterprises as part of the solution to sustainable economic development.  Social enterprises are a major force in the “Agenda 2030,” which consists of achieving all the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.  If you would like to partner with social entrepreneurs by giving, visiting, or creating global policies to support social entrepreneurs, we can make the connections. 

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Military Veterans &
First Responders

There are lots of broken projects in remote corners of the world.  Well-meaning organizations build or bring projects into communities, but there is often no funding for repair and maintenance.  If you’re able to fix just about anything with duct tape and shoe string, can improvise, and love adventure, then we have a project for you!

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