The Social Entrepreneur Providing Access to Sports & Healthcare with Douglas Smith

What impact do you want to make as a social entrepreneur?


Today, I am so excited to be joined by Douglas Smith. Douglas is a social entrepreneur from Western Uganda who is making an incredible impact in the world of sports and healthcare. Douglas is the founder and CEO of Sportrise, a social enterprise making durable hand-stitched soccer balls in Uganda. Sportrise donates the locally made durable balls to children in underserved communities & and sports organizations. Douglas is also the co-founder of Peleyta Health, a company on a mission to help uninsured low-income earners to prepare for and afford healthcare through our digital healthcare micro-savings & lending platform.

Learning from other social entrepreneurs is interesting, eye-opening, and inspiring. Regardless of whether you are in a different phase of your entrepreneurial journey, hearing someone else’s story is a reminder that we are capable of making an impact.

Tune in and listen to the tenth episode of Avant-garde Entrepreneur. You will learn about Douglas’ passion for providing access to sports and healthcare for his community in Uganda. Douglas shares his background, what the process is for making the soccer balls, why he created Peleyta Health, and his advice for other social entrepreneurs.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Douglas’ background and company, Sportrise (6:00)
  • The behind the scenes of making the soccer balls (16:05)
  • Douglas’ advice for other social entrepreneurs (18:43)
  • About Douglas’ passion for health and creating Peleyta Health (22:20)
  • What keeps Douglas going on difficult days (30:28)

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