Investment Readiness: Metrics and Values that Attract Impact Investors with Jeff Shafer

Do your social impact business metrics reflect your passion for the change you want to create?

This week, on the second and last part of our series on Investment Readiness, we receive the Co-founder and CEO of CommonGood Capital, Jeff Shafer, to learn about investment readiness from the impact investor standpoint and the metrics, values, and opportunities impact investors feel called upon.

Despite being in the financial services industry for over three decades, Jeff made a radical shift less than ten years ago, when impact investing taught him it is possible to create a meaningful impact through the purposeful use of capital. He is also the Host of "A New Lens Podcast," a true library of interviews on impact investing.

Tune in and listen to the forty-third episode of the Avant-Garde Entrepreneur podcast. You'll learn more about Jeff's "awakening," the metrics you should be aware of in your social impact business, and what you can do if you "don't have everything figured out" in your impact business. Jeff also answers some questions from the Avant-Garde community, what are the most common mistakes social entrepreneurs make, and much more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Jeff's background (5:30)
  • Jeff talks about his radical shift (9:00)
  • The role of a spouse in impact investing (16:20)
  • Buzzwords in impact investing. The difference between ISG and Impact (23:50)
  • How to make your company attractive to investors (27:40)
  • What's an impact investor expected ROI? (40:00)
  • The biggest mistake most social entrepreneurs make (45:10)


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