Throwback To Episode #4 - Overcoming Overwhelm

How overwhelming the last sprint of the year looks like? Do you have the right tools to deal with it?

Today, I revisit one of the show's most listened-to episodes and a massively important one for this time of the year: overcome overwhelm. Learning how to deal with overwhelm is crucial for social entrepreneurs.

Whether you feel overwhelmed or you want to avoid feeling that way, there are things you can start doing today to fix this issue.

Tune in and listen to the twenty-third of Avant-garde Entrepreneur. You'll learn what causes the feeling of overwhelm, what tactics you can implement to stop feeling that way, and the strategies you can put in place to avoid feeling it in the future. I'll also explain why you should take care of your company's greatest asset, how to shift the energy in your space, what box breathing is and how it can help you, and so much more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What are the root causes of feeling overwhelmed (4:44)
  • Five tactics to overcoming overwhelm now (7:06)
  • How can allocating quiet time in your schedule help you avoid feeling overwhelmed (12:20)
  • What can you do to shift the energy in your space (16:15)
  • Why making appointments with yourself is crucial to improve your life (26:31)