From Startup Founder to Social Entrepreneur with David Wampamba - Part 2

Never in social entrepreneurship history has anyone said: we already had the impact we wanted. Yet what makes social entrepreneurs that have a heart for people keep going is thinking about the results they already had and the changes they believe they can promote.

Today, in the second part of my conversation with David Wampamba, we learn a bit more about his upbringing and the challenges he crushed with his determination to promote a positive social impact in his community and the world. David is the Founder and CEO of Ablestate, an Uganda-based company created to connect businesses with developers and to help developers land the job of their dreams. He is also a Startup Founder, Web Designer and Developer, Published Author, and Social Entrepreneur.

David is living proof that when there's a will, there's a way; he studied, learned, and passed social engineering exams in C, VC, Java, and C++ without having a computer at home. An autodidact since he was a child, David managed to learn everything about computers and became the best in town to troubleshoot computers at a very young age.

Tune in and listen to the thirty-fifth episode where, in this second part of this three-part series interview, you'll learn more about David's determination and passion for teaching and creating a social impact. You'll also hear about the birth of Ablestate, how to balance the anxiety created by the impact you want to make in the world vs. the impact you can realistically make, and the lessons David learned along the way as a social entrepreneur.


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About David's informal work to get money to spend in the internet cafe (4:00)

  • A treasure in the trash: the keyboard that started it all (9:10)

  • Becoming the go-to person for fixing computers (14:10)

  • David talks about the first company he founded (24:50)

  • You inspire you (35:30)

  • We never feel we already had enough impact (40:40)
  • About the birth of Ablestate (51:20)

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