Strategies for Spinning Plates as a Social Entrepreneur

Do you feel like you are constantly being pulled in every direction as an entrepreneur? I like to think of these pulls as ‘spinning plates’ that we are all balancing and trying our best to not drop and break.

Today, I am talking about the strategies and tips that I have learned to keep my plates spinning as a social entrepreneur. I encourage you to think about what the “spinning plates” are in your life currently. These are all of the things that you have to do and give attention to in order to keep your business operating and thriving.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly shifting from one thing to the next. Whether it’s emails, calls, or any other unforeseen disruptions, we have to be willing to stray from the plan we have created - despite how well thought out it may have been.

Tune in and listen to the fifth episode of the Avant-garde Entrepreneur podcast. You will learn strategies, tips, and advice on balancing spinning plates and planning your time as a social entrepreneur. I hope this episode helps you to feel more in control and empowered with how you spend your days!

 In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A cartoon analogy about spinning plates  (2:58)
  • That you’re not alone as a social entrepreneur (4:22)
  • How we can navigate our lives while keeping our plates spinning (5:58)
  • My strategies for spinning plates (7:23)
  • Tips for planning ahead (12:50)
  • A quick review about handling your spinning plates (21:21)

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