My Story

Each of our unique backgrounds are important ways for us to learn about each other, relate to each other, and understand the events that have influenced why we have grown into the person we are today. 

Today, I am talking about myself. As much as I would rather dive into an exciting entrepreneurial topic, I know that it’s important to share my story and background in order for you to connect with me on a deeper level. 

Have you ever been so miserable that you wanted to get as far away from everything and everyone you know? While it depends on your unique circumstance, most often than not, we are contributing to our misery in some way or another through our responses. We cannot control the events that occur in our lives but we can control our response, which ultimately leads to the outcome. 

Tune in and listen to the second episode of Avant-garde Entrepreneur. You will learn my experience growing up, the pivotal moment that changed the trajectory of my life, the international travels that have taught me incredible insights about myself and my mindset, and much more about my journey to getting where I am today. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • My experience growing up  (3:26)
  • One of the pivotal moments of my life (5:31)
  • What the root of my misery was (14:30)
  • Why I want to help you maintain a healthy mindset (19:46)

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