Taking the Good with the Bad While Building a Social Enterprise with Kayla Koontz

What keeps you going as a social entrepreneur? All of the day-to-day moments compounded are what lead you to seeing the impact that you are making on the world.

Today, I am so excited to be joined by Kayla Koontz. Kayla is the founder of Braverly, a cafe and sewing center located in Thailand, that exists to empower women from different people groups on the Thailand/Myanmar border to live past their fears in order to walk in confidence and truth. Braverly encourages women to create, to dream, to learn, and to try new things - whether it’s through baking, making drinks, or developing products that are sold in Thailand and the U.S.

 As a social entrepreneur, there are times when you are the teacher and there are times when you are the student. Although there are many difficult days that come with the job, staying grounded in your mission and remembering what your goals are will make it all worth it.

Tune in and listen to the eleventh episode of Avant-garde Entrepreneur. You will learn about Kayla’s experience growing Braverly without any business background, what keeps her going on difficult days, lessons that she has had to learn as a social entrepreneur, what the future holds for Braverly, and more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Kayla’s explanation of her social enterprise, Braverly (4:25)
  • How Kayla built Braverly without a business background (11:08)
  • Lessons Kayla learned while growing Braverly (17:50)
  • What keeps Kayla going on the difficult days (24:05)
  • What the future holds for Braverly projects (27:27)

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