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Social entrepreneurs are unique from any others. We distinguish two types- Pioneers and Peacemakers - both guided by their Spirit.

Pioneers sense a need and seek to meet it. They begin with a business idea, then use it to serve people. Often, others come alongside as team members.

Peacemakers are called to the world. They join a team, see people with a need, then start a business to fill it.

Whether a Pioneer or Peacemaker, you are avant-garde, going your own way. Your journey begins with you.

The Five Diamond Framework will help smooth the ride and realize the micro-miracles happening in your social enterprise.

Whether you've had no college or tons of it, we cut through the fluff and give you streamlined tools so that you can take inspired action toward your next innovation.

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We Believe...


Personal development, guided by Spirit,  is about getting your inner-house in order. As we say, it all begins with "Me," whether that's expanding your impact, being a better leader, or feeling better in your own skin. Topics include mindset, intimacy, physical wellness, inner healing, faith, and so much more!

My Team

Building Your Team, guided by Spirit, is about the pleasure and challenge of having and being a part of a team. Likely, you and your team are isolated in your tiny corner of the world, to some degree, and your team is your family. It's not always easy...but it's worth it. Topics include creating your dream team, navigating change, relationships, safety, conflict resolution, and lots of other stuff.

Social Mission

Social mission, guided by Spirit, is about your absolute highest priority, your beneficiaries. These are the people you train, hire and employ.  Without them, you have no social enterprise. They are the most vulnerable. If you don't protect them, who will? Course topics include social impact, success factors, security and story, and lots more.

Business Enterprise

Business Enterprise, guided by Spirit, is all the stuff you think you need business school for, but don't! We teach you what you need to know right here! Most of all,  you will be empowered to make Spirit-guided decisions unique to your social enterprise, regardless of what the world says. Course topics include business modeling (no, it doesn't have to be a 50-page useless document), branding, multiple income streams, blue ocean, and everyone's favorite, measuring the micro-miracles! Plus, there's more. 

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