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What is a Social Enterprise? 

A social enterprise is a business with a social cause or mission. They have two objectives: to help people and to make a profit so that they can help more people. Some examples of social enterprises are cafés and coffee shops on dusty main roads; boutique hotels a few blocks off the main roads; tailor shops above other shops in back allies; handbags, scarves, jewelry, and wood carvings in airport shops; leather bags, belts, and shoes stalls at community markets. Some are called "business as a mission" or "business as mission" or "company with heart." Travel guides may offer and suggest supporting these “socially responsible businesses”. Whatever the name is, these are all social enterprises! You’ve probably seen them or been a customer and didn’t even realize it.

Who is a Social Entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur is someone with a business idea and a huge heart! Often, they consider themselves to be servants, not business owners or social entrepreneurs. They see local people in a particular part of the world who are hurting and want to make their lives better. They start a business to train and employ them. The local people are vulnerable, marginalized, and economically disadvantaged. Usually, this refers to refugees, women, physically and mentally handicapped people, and young adults with no access to education.

Social entrepreneurs often “accidentally” acquire team members and staff who felt called to the same social mission. It requires a tremendous amount of time and trust to affect change locally (a.k.a. social capital). This process often causes burnout to the social entrepreneurs.

Where and How Social Entreprises Operate?

Though there are social enterprises all over the world, some operate in bottom-of-the-economic pyramid communities, where people live on less than $2/day. They equip people with real-life skills in safe working conditions so they can get jobs to lift their families from poverty.  Countries like India, Myanmar in Southeast Asia, and Tanzania in Africa are some examples of where social enterprises are making a difference.

Social enterprises and social entrepreneurs are very important to the world as my research findings support the global impact of social enterprises in alleviating poverty through job training and creation.


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