Making Mistakes & Missing God

What are some mistakes you’ve made as an entrepreneur? Making mistakes may be embarrassing and frustrating, but more importantly, they are learning lessons.

Today, I am talking about two major parts of life as a social entrepreneur - making mistakes and missing God. As entrepreneurs we are constantly trying to keep our plates spinning - if you remember from my last episode - and with that comes the occasional slip-up. As much as we hate to make mistakes, accepting them is necessary for your growth as an entrepreneur.

“Missing God'' is a phrase that means missing the opportunities and cues that are sent our way. Being an entrepreneur is anything but easy, and we can’t expect ourselves to always take the right next step forward.

Tune in and listen to the sixth episode of Avant-garde Entrepreneur. You will learn why mistakes are necessary for us as entrepreneurs, six steps to address mistakes with customers, what “missing God” means, and more. I hope this episode helps you along your entrepreneur journey!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why mistakes are necessary for entrepreneurs (2:52)
  • Six steps to address mistakes with clients/customers (7:34)
  • What ‘Missing God’ means (15:45)
  • An example of “missing God” (19:10)


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